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Marinada d.o.o.
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Marinada d.o.o is a manufacturer of pasteurized fruit and vegetables.

Long-term focus on producing high-quality products and meeting the wishes and needs of consumers has led Marinada to the status of one of the largest producers of pasteurized fruit and vegetables in the region.

By modernizing the production facility in 2014, processing capacity is greatly increased and Marinada has annual processing of 20 tons of fruit and vegetables and has a turnover of approximately 120 million kuna.

To ensure the highest quality of the product, the company must ensure a high quality and well-dynamated raw material. The premium raw material comes from subcontractors with whom it has developed long-term cooperation and trust.

It offers its customers a wide range of products, divided into three production programs: „sweet“ (includes marmalades, jams, confectionery and compote), sour (includes pasteurized vegetables, e.g. cucumbers, chicory, feferon, pepper, licorice and mixed salad), and HORECA program (intended for kitchens in hotels and restaurants).

Marinada has been profiling throughout the year as a reliable and secure partner with a customer in the focus of business. For these reasons, and in order to keep up with the world trends, it is decided to introduce and implement the following standards and certificates: IFS - FOOD V6 standard and HALAL I KOSHER certification.