Prizma Consalting i Art

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Prizma Consalting i Art
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Sobota Ĺ alamon
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Dravska 17
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PRIZMA CONSALTING AND ART is a craft established in 2017. I decided to use my fifteen year experience in food industry and I established my own company. We are organizing weekend nutrition workshops in groups of 25 to 30 people and we also have individual consultations. Individual consultations lasts from one to three months. We are representatives of Hiperbaric technology for hydrostatic pressure and company Herbstraith & Fox which manufactures and sells pectin for more than 30 years. Our activities are: organization of nutrition workshops and individual consultations on proper nutrition, sale and representation of foreign companies and other professional, scientific and technical activities.

The technology on which our craft is based on is an interesting non-nutritional food process that includes sterilization of food in leak proof and waterproof packaging. This technology extends the shelf-life of food while retaining organoleptic and nutrition sources of food. We are looking for a partner from the food industry so we can jointly develop food processing with this or similar technology.