Colonia Natura Kft.

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Colonia Natura Kft.
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Némethné Molnár
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Liliom utca 2.
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The company established in 2009. In the beginings it built an unique apartmentpark in west part of Hungary. Colonia Natura opened this rural tourism park in 2011, and operating it from that time. During in these years it made other touristical developments with entertaining, relaxing in the field of real estates and IT. Paralell with these activities it is organizing events, festivals too. It won such kind of prizes as Western Hungary Region Highlights Event and Hungarian Record. Colonia Natura has experiences in tourism, eventmarketing and organising, real estate development, IT and mobile application development referred to turism. Coloni Natura opened to cooperation in tourism, common development new services or products, real estate development and cycling economy, sustainable economy.