MNKH Hungarian National Trading House Cls.

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MNKH Hungarian National Trading House Cls.
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Ipar 5
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The MNKH is providing premium quality services to SMEs, startups and clusters since 2012. It’s aim is to support enterprises that are capable of exporting in finding adequate business partners in the international markets. MNKH also provides state guarantee to them in order to facilitate smooth trade activities. MNKH has commercial presence to almost 60 countries of 4 continents and handles enterprises coming from various sectors such as the ICT, health, biotechnology, agro-food, renewable energy, defence industry, tourism.

MNKH is in contact with 4.000 SMEs (in an unique database) who have high quality products/services to help for them to internationalize. Member of the Agro-IT Cluster.

MNKH is working with SMEs and startups and providing them info on the relevant national and international legislation as well as relevant EU policies, the most important topics and info that are disseminate: commercial, political, legal, customs and economic environment in different countries. One of the MNKH's company is hosting the Enterprise Europe Network, the EU network for business development and innovation which is a project under the Horizon 2020 and COSME. MNKH’s staff has extensive knowledge on all relevant national, EU as well as international policies. Moreover, MNKH takes an active part in preparing legislation related to entrepreneurship and economic issues in Hungary, such as the Digital Export Strategy Programme for Startups, Industry 4.0, the Irinyi Plan for long-term economic growth, the Carpathian Border Region Economic Development amongst others.

MNKH successfuly implemented SME development programmes such as the Export Academy, the INNOTRADE, Carpathian Border Region Economic Development.

MNKH has 93 permanent staff from which more than 2/3 of the staff are working on the thematic fields related to the current call and furthermore, also in its 2 additional companies an additional 111 permanent staff are working.

It's average annual turnover is 17.761.896 EUR

MNKH has years of experience in the field of international cooperations and projects. This year we already have positive decisions regarding INTERREG CBC projects, and other CBC projects are under evaluation.