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Contorte d.o.o. Was created on the basis of the need for quality furniture on the markets of Germany and Austria, for which there are production capacities in the Republic of Croatia. Initially, \core business\" was merely a representation and organization of co-operation among domestic companies and placing final products on foreign markets. It was difficult to survive on the market since Contorte d.o.o. It was a small company and we had to compete with both the price and the top organization and respecting deadlines. At a time when the job stabilized, we decided to grow, not stagnation. We are following this gap even today. The basic idea was to use existing \""know how\"" in organizing and communicating between domestic suppliers and foreign companies. The problem was domestic manufacturing companies that had a weak sale and at the time of our biggest expansion the business model of apartment, hotel, school etc. equipment was in a terrible fall. We used this moment and we gathered more suppliers for which we looked for suitable markets in foreign countries. As the domestic market fell, which was due to the weak purchasing power, which, due to the poor organization and management of some of the big companies and our suppliers, was so scolded by the company.  In order to be able to maintain a constant business and to respect customers' deadlines, we decided to enter the production segment ourselves. Furniture production itself is a complicated process, and we have to equip ourselves with new technology and surround ourselves with quality, professional and highly educated staff. The company Contorte d.o.o., as a core business, is still engaged in the organization of production, communication between suppliers and customers and logistics, which are our main goals. The finished wood products we produce are mainly massive furniture, currently only designed by foreign designers designed to export to overseas markets. We work on long-term plans and firm guidelines for companies that involve connecting suppliers from the Republic of Croatia as well as from neighboring countries and building new plants in the County branch. The plan is to expand production to other Slavonian counties since there is a high quality staff in production, but also raw material.