Fa-Feri Kft.

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Fa-Feri Kft.
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Magyar utca 168.
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Fa-Feri Kft. is looking for distributor for its own products and undertake customized production of store and hotel furnitures interior wood elements, wood industrial fittings. Store furnitures are e.g. specialized product shelves, stands, cupboards, etc.

Interior wood elements are e.g. coverings, garnishes, partitions, etc.

They have experience and wide range of customers of upholsterer furniture production. They are undertaking production of upholsterer furniture structures as subcontractor or reciprocal producer and is offering subcontracting works for upholsterer companies too.

They are focusing on individual needs, and undertaking such an orders that no one else. Fulfillment of large-scale orders is facilitated by good technical preparedness in the field of human resources and equipments.

According to the orders they are working with from simple to professional devices.

These conditions are allowing to undertake franchise production too.


Main products, services :

- production and distribution of store and hotel and interior furnitures, interior design elements from wood, upholsterer furnitures, furniture structures and corpus furnitures; - cutting and distribution of wood industrial and packaging raw materials (boards: cement-bonded wood particleboards, laminate particle boards, medium density fibreboard (MDF), raw particle board, oriented strand board (OSB), plywood and other sawn timber); - distribution of wood industrial fittings; - wood industrial supplying