Federal Hungary Security Limited Liability Company

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Federal Hungary Security Limited Liability Company
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Csörge Street 19/A. I. floor 1.
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The Federal Hungary Security Limited Liability Company was founded in 2012 with the purpose of providing a unique and complex service in the area of personal and property security (including also remote administration services) for its prospective clients. In correspondence with our customer-centric philosophy our Company aims to satisfy our clients’ needs on the most favorable value for money. We consider providing our services in accordance with equally national and international standards of great importance. Our Company is driven by innovation which allows us to continuously adapt for our steadily changing world. Persistently we put emphasis on the application and development of remote administration system in our service-portfolio, regardless whether it is for individuals or legal entities. Our Company mainly focuses on security of properties, motor-vehicles and personnel. Besides entrance and CCTV systems we also install and maintain regular alarm, fire-alarm and elevator-alarm systems. Our portfolio extends on providing services related to medical alert systems, too. In order to deliver reliable security, our Company owns a non-stop customer service center and operates patrol security, as well.