Pana Stolarija d.o.o.

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Pana Stolarija d.o.o.
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+385 99 313 4187
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Zagrebačka 42
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Pana Stolarija d.o.o. was established in 2002 as a subsidiary of the parent company Međimurjeplet, and in its activities continued a 30 year experience of production of exterior carpentry, improving business skills and specialization in the production of wood and wood-aluminum windows and doors.

At its facility in Čakovec, which occupies a total area of 27,665 m2, the company employs 50 workers and professional staff, which are following recent developments in the production and application of windows. . On numerically controlled machines standard and non-standard products are made, and we generally seek to meet the specific needs related to exterior and interior carpentry.

In the production line of the company’s exterior carpentry are windows, doors, lift sliding and tilt-sliding doors in the variants wood-wood and wood-aluminum, also blinds and shutters. The production of doors is divided, entrance doors made of Variopur panels and interior doors made of solid wood fir and spruce or veneer.