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Megyeri ut 59.
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Leader trade company in field of photgraphic and video cameras and accessories within Hungary.

Camera rental, photographic and video services, photo trainings.

Company establsihed in 1990, 100% owned by Hungarians. The owners are participating in company managment as well.

Turnover splitted into  2 main activities: retail and online sales to end-users and b2b partners, and copying and photo finishing till biggest poster sizes.

Actually 2 retail shops and HQ found in Pécs, with the whole range of our products. Therer are cameras, accessories, albums&frames, and also you can order different photo and copy materials.

The pioneer shop in Budapest, specialized only for high-end equipments.

We have a long years experiences in cross-border sales to EU and non-EU countries. Over 10 brands trusdted us to represent their products in Hungary, ( Zeiss, Pentax, Godox, Waltherdeisgn, JJC and some more);  while we are the market leader as a dealer in local sales for Canon, Sony, Fujifilm etc.

Our staff well educated professionally and also have a good langauge-skills.  Please contact in case of any interest for cooperation.