FRUCTUS, proizvodnja voćnih vina i likera

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FRUCTUS, proizvodnja voćnih vina i likera
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Kralja Zvonimira 63
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33 515
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FRUCTUS, the production of liqueur, brandy and fruit wines has been registered as a craft since 2006 And it is a 100% private property of the Kostelac family, and it is solely based on love for that work.
Krešimir Kostelac is in charge of complete technology and Kristina Kostelac univ.spec.oec leads the financial part. Also, we have another employee in production, and in a short time we plan to hire another person in manufacturing and commercial.
The headquarter of the company is located in Orahovica, a small town located at the very foot of the Nature Park and Geopark Papuk in Virovitica-Podravina County. Unsustainable nature, as well as an excellent climate for the cultivation of different fruit trees, were merely an additional association to transform fresh fruit into droplets of superior pleasure.
We specialize in the production of exclusively domestic liqueurs, brandy and fruit wines that make up the main business subject. We produce from 15,000 to 20,000 liters of liqueurs and brandy every year.

Today we offer 20 kinds of products in different packages. We are the winner of the highest awards in Croatia and abroad for quality, design and innovation in production.
We are the owner of INCANTO brand, which has been positioned for 9 years as one of the most prestigious and most prestigious brands in the area of domestic brandy, liqueur and fruit wines.

About our brand


INCANTO is the name of FRUCTUS's exclusive and luxurious brand. As the brand name INCANTO itself says, the goal was to achieve not only the high quality of the product, but also visually enchant with the top design solution.
All INCANTO brand products are made from top-quality fruit and quality, and after careful selection and sorting, only fresh fruit goes into processing.
The very high quality product packaged in top-of-the-line packaging, these products are not only gastronomically interesting, but also represent a great gift to you.
For the entire brand design, INCANTO is the world renowned marketing agency Bruketa & Žinić, and it is precisely for the design of our products that have been awarded in eminent world competitions.


INCANTO fruit liqueurs are produced from the highest quality fruit. The high quality of the product stems from the fact that liquors are produced by the old recipe, manually, in a completely natural way. After harvesting, fresh fruit is placed on a multi-month decomposition (maceration) in the top distillate. After a satisfactory degree of maceration, the liqueur is separated from the fruit and placed on natural precipitation and maturation. The liqueur fills in bottles only after a minimum of one year of maturation, when the liquor naturally precipitated and when all the characteristic flavors of each species were developed. The specificity of the INCANTO liqueur is that the content of fruit in all red liquors (cherry, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, black currant, forest fruit) is at least 50%, which makes them really special.

The INCANTO shoots are made from the highest quality fruit and the degree of maturity. After harvesting, fresh fruit is branched and separated by the kernel and the dough, and placed on the fermentation, which takes place under strictly controlled conditions. After the fermentation is complete, there is a double distillation, which is carried out in the old copper tubs. The result is top quality brandy, strongly expressed aromas and flavors specific to each species. Fruit wine INCANTO, cherry and blackberry fruit is produced from carefully chosen first-class fruit. The harmony of all the ingredients of the wine on the palate gives the impression of perfect harmony and fineness, and long-lasting, and even velvety, the sense of language gives us the right to approach this wine with special attention and in special moments. The combination of tannins, freshness and sugar is remarkably balanced and very harmonious. Fine rounded edges make delicately and gentle wine of high quality. The taste is warm and soft, and the long-lasting and velvety feeling that remains on our palate leaves no one indifferent.

In the future we are certainly planning to expand the range of products to new flavors of liqueurs in different packages or at customer's request, packaging under their brand

The vision of cooperation with the cross-border partner would be in terms of cooperation that would be based on the principles of trade, in terms of our production and distribution partners.