Vitadent Fogászati és Fogtechnikai Kft.

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Vitadent Fogászati és Fogtechnikai Kft.
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Magaslati út 19.
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The Vitadent Dentistry and Dental Laboratory was founded on 30.12.1991. and registered in Commercial Register under the name Vitadent Fogászati és Fogtechnikai Szolgáltató Kft. Our headquarter is located is Pécs 7625, Szőlő utca 71, and the company represented by Director Gelesz Csaba Imre – alone and without limitation.

Our clinic has permanently 23 employees (1 general director, 15 dental technicians, 1 oral surgeon, 2 periodentists, 1 prosthodontics, 1 dental hygienist, 1 dental assistant, 1 customer service manager) and 9 dental technician students. We are a praxis laboratory, the laboratory is on-side and is equippes with the latest German and Japanese technology.

Vitadent Dentistry and Dental Laboratory has offered unrivalled world class dental treatments (implantolgy, oral surgery, prosthodontics, periodontologym oral hygiene, orthodontics, endodontics, pediatric dentistry, radilogy, dentistry) in Pécs since the establishment of our dental clinic in 1991.

In co-operation with the cross-border partner, our Clinic wants to expand the scope of providing existing services as well as introducing new methods of modern treatment based on the latest technological possibilities.