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Studio 8
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Studio 8 is a company founded with the intent to promote and improve the application of innovative building materials. What makes it unique are innovative materials, but with a different approach to interior and exterior design, which, in spite of great domestic and foreign market competition in the area of building materials, is a real step forward  in the spectrum of their operation and use.

From this perspective, the goal of Studio 8 is networking with all interested creative people and of course with the people from the industry with an aim to change the look and create new trends in building and interior and exterior design. In its further efforts, Studio 8 wants to profile itself as a synonym for innovation and continuity from construction to art.

  •  Products we represent are: Flexstone, Overlay, Decoinex, Polymergips, 3D panels.
  • Services we offer are: conceptual solutions, visualization, execution of works and furnishing, construction of wood and straw-bale infrastructure.
  • Vision - Presenting innovations and simplicity in the application of building materials in the interior and exterior design to our business partners.
  • Mission - with its simplicity and multifunctional application to stimulate changes in the culture of construction both with partners in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, as well as partners in Hungary and other border countries and beyond.
  • Goals - encouraging creation of new ideas, motivating everyone interested for a step to the world of creative energy. In one word, our goal is creativity.
  • Value - wide application, exceptional strength and quality, adaptability, multifunctionality.