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The preparation and development of the Feketi Stifolder project started in 2016. In the course of historical research and product development older stifolder assortment was created.

After enabling the legal selling facilities, the preparation process of the property development in Feked has started.

The proposals called „Fekedi Stifolder”, and “Feked, a sváb népi építészet gyöngyszeme” (Feked, the pearl of the Swabian folk architecture) were officially supported by the Municipality of Baranya County and became part of the portfolio of the values of Baranya County in June 2017.

The owner and general manager of HPM Group has established the “Sváb Street Food” (Swabian Street Food). The Swabian cuisine operates as a catering opportunity at events and festivals and is an important gastro-cultural complementary of the “Fekedi Stifolder”.

The development of Trabert-Hof, which is going to be the gastro-tourism centre in Feked combining accommodation, hospitality and theme or better to say experience “manufacture” is in the preparation phase, too.

HPM Group is a family undertaking, incorporating three companies.

Gábor PAPP, the owner and general manager has been councillor of the Municipality of Pécs for 8 years. He implemented as entrepreneur several projects financed by the EU. As a result of a mandate, he was the leader of the Mecsek-Dráva Waste Management program preparing and executing the construction process (Monetary value: 68 million EUR) of a new waste management system and the recultivation affecting 313 settlements in the South Transdanubian counties.

Anita HENDINGER, the owner’s wife worked as head of department for trade development, as chamber councillor at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya and as regional manager of the Enterprise Europe Network (The world’s largest support network for SMEs with international ambitions, co-financed by the European Union.) project in the South Transdanubian region.

She started to work at the Hungarian National Trading House as consortium coordinator of the Hungarian Consortium for Enterprises in 2016. As the leader and manager of international projects, she is responsible for the coordination of the work program of 8 partners, the entire project administration and financial statements. (The projects’ monetary value is:  2-3 million EUR/country/year). She is the contact person for the formal communication with the European Commission.

1. HPM Group (unlimited partnership)

The micro sized company, established in 2002 deals basically with communication, marketing and organisation of public information events related to the implementation of EU projects.

Main references: Municipality of Pécs, Municipality of Baranya County, Regional Development Agency of Baranya County.

2. HPM Design Ltd.

The small sized company, established in 2007 has different scope of activities, dealing mainly with project implementation.

  • The interior decoration planning and implementation line of business deals with exhibitions and expo appearances.
  • The communication and marketing line of business coordinates the production and execution (printing, graphics, decoration, catering, web, photo and film production etc.) related to EU projects

Main references: Terrán Tet?cserép Gyártó Ltd., Early Christian Necropolis of Pécs (Sopianae) World Heritage (development of the exhibition site), Zsolnay Heritage, Janus Pannonius Museum Pécs, Dobó István Museum Eger.

3. Mecsek Group Ltd.

The project company, established in 2015 was formed to organise and maintain the “Mecsek Rallye”, which has a 50 years history/past in car racing. Except the professional sport related task Mecsek Group Ltd. is responsible for providing the financial, administrative and marketing tasks.


International affairs (English and German languages):
Mobile: +36 30 6868-198

Contact, speaking Croatian language:
József HÁRI
Mobile: +36 20 2886 053