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Krolid Ltd. is a specialized company for the production of air conditioning and refrigeration systems and the service and sale of machinery for the food industry. The air conditioners are used in processing and drying meat, but also for storage of fruits and vegetables.

According to available information, Krolid Ltd. Is the only manufacturer of air conditioners for drying, smoking and dispersing permanent cured meats

Products in South East Europe. The main competitors in this production program are producers from Italy, Germany and Germany, Austria, while there is no competition in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. Its products are of high quality and price and up to 30% cheaper than the main products competitors.

Existing market and clients are mostly from the food sector in the Republic of Croatia, while 10% of production makes export to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Austria. Current contracts and production orders ensure production capacity availability and more than four months in advance.

The company currently has 4 employees.