Retro Fly Hungary Kft.

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Retro Fly Hungary Kft.
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Petőfi utca 12.
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The company’s services, among others, are the sightseeing flights, flight tours – even with custom planned flight path - aerial photography, nature photography, photography of nature conservation areas, photography of wild animals, pilot training.

Because of the increasing popularity of sport tourism and leisure tourism, there is an increasing interest in the ecotourism, which means such a responsible travel to natural places, that saves the environment and keeps the well-being of the local population. A way to get to know the natural beauties of protected natural areas and national parks is the flight tour, which can be on a specified route or a uniquely customized route.

With a suitable, ultra-light aerial equipment, the protected natural areas in the Somogy County part of Duna-Dráva National Park – for example: Babócsa Basagarden, Baláta pond, Csombárd meadow – can be viewed and photographed with a flight tour, even those parts, that can’t be simply approached on foot, or it’s restricted to protect the natural values.