Brana d.o.o.

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Brana d.o.o.
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Antuna Mihanovića 29
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33 000
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Brana d.o.o. was founded as a public water management company in 1953 and has gone through various organizational arrangements, and today operates as a limited liability company. The Company has consented to the fulfillment of the conditions for conducting works from waterworks, which is continuously engaged since the very establishment of the company. The main activity of the company Brana d.o.o. is water resource planning and construction of hydro-engineering facilities: regulation of water flows, construction of flood protection dams, reservoirs, amelioration works, sewage and water supply systems, and other hydro-engineering works regularly carried out in the area of the Županijski kanal. Also, Brana d.o.o. Is engaged in the execution of all works related to the construction, extension, reconstruction and reconstruction of construction and other building construction objects. The company has built significant facilities of communal infrastructure (main waterworks, sewerage, gas pipelines, underground and HT works, etc.).