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Wrhovski d.o.o.
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Wrhovski d.o.o. is an enterprise founded in 2011 with primary focus on marketing and sales consultancy for SMEs. Throughout the years, we have developed knowledge in many industries (food production, hospitality, jewelry, retail, shopping malls) and developed several regional and national brands.

  • Founder:

Valent Vrhovski – marketing expert, economist

  • Our enterprise can make a market research on regional markets to investigate people housing needs and make a brand strategy with key messages that would strongly affect target audiences and raise awareness about advantages of moveable buildings. Moreover, we can execute a marketing plan on both Croatian and Hungarian market to achieve sales goals. Our team is knowledge intensive and has a great creative energy with both youthfulness and experience. We carry out both strategic and executive marketing activities for big Croatian national and regional brands. Throughout the years, we had cross-border experiences. In Slovenia we worked with brewery and bottling company, while in Bosnia and Herzegovina we have developed a wholesale, retail and hospitality business for our client. We strongly believe in this project and that many people would be interested in more cost-effective and flexible housing.


  • Our activities in project would include:
  • Market research
  • Brand development strategy
  • Making a marketing and communication plan (two years plan of communication on Croatian and Hungarian market)
  • Executing marketing/PR activities (website development - multilingual, content development-photos,videos,brand stories