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Poduzetnička zona II
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Javorović d.o.o. Was founded in 2001. The responsible person and the sole owner of the company (since establishment) is Vlado Javorović. The company's business started in the garage. In 2004, the company raised a loan in the amount of HRK 1,200,000.00 via entrepreneurial credit line Entrepreneur I. This means funds were purchased by the production facility and exhibition salon of furniture in Stjepan Radić street in Virovitica. By buying a bankruptcy manufacturing facility, the visi- tions and opportunities in the placement of its own products have expanded. In line with the growing demand on the market, the space at Radiceva Street became small. At that time, she was given a chance to move production to Entrepreneurial Zone II in Virovitica. In a very short time they managed to build and equip the manufacturing desire with a management building in the 815 m2 Entrepreneurial Zone. Complete production moved to the Entrepreneurial Zone in the fifth month of 2007. As the jobs expanded, and the orders became bigger, they decided to invest in the expansion of production and exhibition capacities. In the upgrade project in 2008 they managed to expand the exhibition hall on Radićeva Street for 1241 m2 and, more importantly, the extension of the production hall for 771 m2 in Entrepreneurial Zone II. Today, they employ 80 employees and have a total of 3500 m2 of production space and about 2950 m2 of exhibition space. The company quickly found its place in the wood industry, or in furniture production, with the rapid development of its own products. They are solely engaged in the manufacture of plated furniture from refined chipboard, and are fully equipped with residential and business premises. Name Javorović d.o.o. Has become a synonym for custom-made furniture (kitchen, room, bathroom, hotel and office furniture) that is made in different degrees of quality, depending on the payment power of customers with the exact delivery time.