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Our task is the professional implementation of Lighting Technology Projects
We develop and manufacture products
For all those who find the role of light and respect for nature important,
For developers, because they demand comfortable, aesthetic, economic lighting,
For designers and lighting technology specialists, because they expect optimal, ergonomic lighting and electro-technology products,
For implementation specialists, because they count on products that comply with the practical demands of installation.
For traders, because trader reliability bears great significance.
Our services
Computer lighting technology design and visualisation
Proposals for up-to-date solutions that provide a return on investment
Calculation of the return on lighting technology modernisation projects
Project implementation, specialist consulting
Our Mission
With our several decades of professional experience in compliance with developer and designer demands, we create solutions that increase your competitiveness and profit.
Our Endeavours
We understand the ideas of the developer and the operator, we put ourselves in the position of the contractor, and understand the problems that may occur.
Love of light – coupled with a determined consciousness of quality, continuously develops the products of Papillon-Lighting, so that we can work with you to realise your ideas.
A partnership approach is an ethical basic principle, the goal of the committed employees and owners of our Company is to provide professional support that increases your success in the long term, and with all this I would like to guarantee a long-term way of thinking that complies with your expectations.
Yours sincerely,
Gábor Molnár
Managing Director
Public areas, Car Parks, Docks, Sport facilities, Stadiums, Sport halls,
Schools, Research Institutes, Hospitals, Production Facilities, Hotels
Coloplast, Nyírbátor, 2015
PTE Hospital, Pécs , 2014
Continental, Nyíregyháza, 2015
DVSC Stadium, Debrecen, 2014 MTK Stadium, Budapest, 2016
Eli-Laser, Szeged, 2016
Port, Hotel, Balatonfenyves 2016
Bridgestone, Környe 2015
BD Rouge, Környe, 2016-2017 Medhotel, Siófok, 2016
Custom production
We have been dealing with the custom production of light fittings for more than 15
years. We have completed more than one hundred unique projects, but we are not
stopping there, we are continuously developing and perfecting our technology and
solutions so that you can be proud of the lamps you have dreamed up for decades.

Mass production
In order to precisely and continuously satisfy our customers’ demands we have expanded our production machinery portfolio with robot technology, increasing our capacity to 60,000 light fittings per month. The quality components used by our robots only come from attested manufacturers.
We are proud of our several decades of experience in the field of lighting technology and do not only offer you products, but solutions customised to your demands. Our goal in all cases is to realise a unified lighting concept and create an atmosphere that suits the functions. Simultaneously we endeavour to realise the most economic use of energy possible and maintain investment and operation costs at a low level.
Due to our SYNDY3 wiring robot our mass produced light fittings get out to our customers faster.
H-8640 Fonyód, Béke u. 4.
Phone: +36-85/560-298
Fax: +36-85/560-299