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Radlovac d.d.
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Trg pl. Mihalovića 12
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Radlovac d.d. One of the oldest manufacturers of technical stone and in general one of the oldest companies in the Republic of Croatia that has been doing the same activity for more than a hundred years; Production of technical stone for high and low building and petrochemicals. Vision Radlovac d.d. Is to retain the leading position in the production of technical stone, diabase, and dolomite as well as stone wool for the construction sector and with the standards of environmentally friendly production to increase the share both on domestic and foreign markets. In addition to increasing shareholding and strengthening the position on foreign markets, contracting new business and penetrating new markets, the vision of the company is based on a long tradition, knowledge, competitiveness, innovation and reliability. The mission of the company is to develop and maintain business relations with domestic and foreign partners by providing high quality standards in the area of technical stone production used in road infrastructure construction based on long-standing knowledge and tradition, innovation and strong social responsibility and confidence in the successful implementation of all Affairs.

Director of Radlovac d.d. A master of geology, and his desires are exploited areas that can no longer be exploited for economic purposes, to be fully converted into tourist attractions, which will be extraordinarily complementary to other amenities of Papuk Nature Park. Radlovac has all the necessary documentation for legal work at four locations in the Papuk Nature Park. In addition to this, documentation for rehabilitation and alteration of work damaged by mining works already under construction in the Hercegovacka quarry with 20 meters deep lake, gazebo, entrance plateau, parking lot, access road and remnants of the noble curia (Curiae Nobilitaris) as infocentrum ie. A starting point for visiting this twenty hectares area.

The idea of the ZIPLINE system is to transport people (tourists), or to drop gravity by the gravity of the steel rope from the starting point A through the recreational lake to the final point B on the platform along the access road. The former Orahovica quarry has been converted for tourist purposes. The attractiveness of this tourist content is unquestionable, with accessible starting and ending points. Due to the higher capacity of the tourist downhill, the ZIPLINE system can be two-lane, with two parallel steel ropes.

ZIPLINE [also known as zip-line, zip wire, air pistol, aerial slope, rope ride or Tyrolean traverse (mountaineering term)] consists of ropes (steel or nylon-alpinistic), usually Made of stainless steel (steel coated with a bearing core), set downhill. ZIPLINE is designed to allow the user to navigate by gravity from top to bottom with sloping rope by holding, or fastening, into a free-moving cartridge. ZIPLAS come in many shapes, most commonly used as a means of entertainment. Longer and taller are often used as a means of access to remote areas, such as rainforests covered with dense rocks.

The ZIPline begins on the south side of the quarry Hercegovac with the dominant elevation (point A). It protrudes over the water-filled dampstone to (point B) at the north elevation immediately to the quarry. The starting point of the starting point is 345 m. At the end point, it reaches 264 m. The ZIPLINE route line is lowered to the lowest point at 262.30 m distant 356 m from the starting point. The ground at this point is at an absolute height of 232,80 m, and it is covered with water of 10 m height, so the wire passes to a height of 10 m above the water surface. This required a minimum 4 m above ground / water level requirement, with a minimum of 2 m for the wire and 2 m for the hanging system and the user. From the lowest point of the course the wire rises and ends at the end point, it is also the point of evacuation. The end point position serves to unlock the passenger and as a point of evacuation, where the platform construction is performed by passenger lowering, service of inspection and rope maintenance. The ZIPLINE or narrowline does not exceed objects or paths. The length of the system is approximately 470 m. For the construction of tourist-recreational purposes - ZIPLINE system, building permit has been obtained.