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Zoldit Kft
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Petőfi 33
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Zoldit Kft was established in 2003 mainly for timber production and distribution. Due to continuous and fast development, the company is currently operating in two places in Zala County. At Nagykanizsa onsite we mainly dealing with processing wood and trading buliding meterials and in Felsorajk’s depot we mainly produce furniture parts for several multinational companies across Europe.

At the beginning we only had 2 initial employees, but nowadays we have 25 employees to work with. Most of our members are skilled workers who are carpenters, locksmiths and turners. Our staff has the knowledge and the experience to supply and cope with any kind of woodwork and/or ironwork.

Our raw meterial procurement is covered by imports from Hungary and the EU ( Germany, Czech Republc, Austria). We are currently exporting in low values mainly to Austria.  

At our sites, the corresponding workshops and warehouses are available with a total area of 3000 sqm. In 2016 we had a huge renovation in our machine industry. We bought wood and metalworking machinery in a significant amount of value.