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Electric bicycles for the more livable cities

“My City My Bike”


Public Bike System Hungary is the first 100% domestic enterprise which develops, produces, installs and operates electric public bike sharing systems in Hungary, Europe. The year of 2015 was the year when PBSH entered the international and national market. A number of domestic projects such as the touristic electric bicycle sharing system in Ős-Dráva ( and the alternative electric bike share system in the city of Kaposvár ( have been launched. Further touristic institutions have been supplied by e-bikes and we introduced our bike share system to several cities and municipals. Public Bike System Hungary Ltd strives to create the best alternative transportation system to help citizens, commuters, students and tourists.

The electric bicycles are free from oil and gas, its energy need is produced by renewable, cheap and continuous energy sources. They are quiet and lightweight, simply a perfect public transport for a modern and environment friendly city.

The company operates with the intelligent electric and traditional public bike sharing system’s designing, manufacturing and installing in Hungary. The designing process includes the feasibility study, the model of demand, business plan, the planning and authorization of the station places by consulting with the local organizations and population. The business plan includes the cost of implementation, the returns, investments and sales strategies.
We help to explore every possible source of future revenue, including user fees, advertisement sales opportunities, and public or private investors. We provide detailed cost analysis for the planning procedure about the future maintenance costs.

From 2016 Public Bike System Hungary offers to produce not only electric, but also manually installed bike share systems, and also capable to unite these two systems. It means that in one station manual and electric bikes can also be integrated –distinguished by colors the users can choose between the two systems.

Among bicycles, our company produces electric rollers and Green City eCabs (e-rickshaw) as well.

The e-roller is a custom-made and power assisted vehicle which can be used in standing and sitting position as well. After picking up the e-roller it is ready to use and by turning the gas gear it is immediately ready to start. The fully charged battery can take 20kms.

The eCab is new generations of the rickshaws, which are belong to the image of the city center, and take an important role in tourism and passenger transport. The vehicle's CO emission is 0 g / km, as it is driven by human power. It can transport with electrical power train as well. The used fossil energy for charging the electric motor is very small, 80% from the total amount can be provided from the photovoltaic solar panel at the top of the vehicle.

The Green City eCab is a unique and conspicuous vehicle. For this reason it can be used as an effective advertising tool as well, the large displaying surface allows for shared appearance, and cost-effective advertising.

Currently there are four types of projects at PBSH Ltd:

  • “City public e-bike share project”: a new alternative electric public transport for the city dwellers and town’s people (stations are installed within 300 – 500m),
  • “Bicycle renting for tourists project”: for increasing and serving the foreign and national tourism the project aims to connect larger distances with an environmentally friendly transport solution. (Stations are located up to 10-20-30 km away from each other),
  • “University bike sharing project”: the students can choose analternative option to deal with the distance between the university campuses, dormitories and workplaces by taking the bicycles. Stations can be installed near to dormitories or other accommodation centers operated by the universities or campuses,
  • „Go to work by bicycles project”: it is for companies to make their employee’s life easier by a cheap, fast and easy to use transportation option.


At Public Bike System Hungary Ltd we believe that a sustainable and enjoyable environment is necessary for every community, and the solution could be the Electric Bike Sharing System. We want to help to improve the city dwellers’ life, health and mobility with a new alternative urban public transport, which is easy on the wallet and on the environment at the same time.

We offer the most sustainable and intelligent solutions in public transportation, especially in e-mobility for a more sustainable, „smart city”.


Lilla Homoródi

 Public Bike System Hungary Ltd.