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SOLVIS d.o.o. is crystalline PV module manufacturer located in Croatia, EU. Factory started its PV module manufacturing journey with first produced products in 2009. and has currently more than 9 years experience in manufacturing. Since company was founded, the idea and
the goal remains the same: to produce environmentally friendly, affordable source of energy and bring it to the level of everyday use for energy generation and as building material. Our products are result of our own product development and research which are accompanied by continuous investment in knowledge and equipment. 

SOLVIS produces standard products (usually range from 36-72 cell modules) and custom made (tailored) modules for BIPV, carports, facade and other special use according to project and customer demand. Standard module capacity currently lies at roughly 500.000 of 60 cell modules per year, which
translates into roughly 150 MW of PV modules. At all stages of production process we operate in accordance with international standards ISO 9001 (Quality management system), ISO 14001 (Environmental management system) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational ealth and safety management system).

• Focus on product quality
• Flexible towards customers needs
• Customer oriented solutions
• Fast and proactive aftersales
• Internal technical sales support
• EU production bringing added value to local community
• Long term warranty
• Special products knowledge
• Daring and willing to explorenew PV product applications

Our modules show high energy yield in low as well as in high irradiation areas. High kWh/kWp performance is obtained through:

  • High shunt resistance for improved performance at low irradiation and low series resistance for improved performance at high irradiation
  • Pre-sorting according to PMPP and IMPP minimizing module mismatch losses
  • EVA foil with very low yellowing index (due to degradation processes EVA foil can gradually turn from transparent to yellow colour reducing the amount of incident light)
  • High EVA gel content contributes to outstanding long-term performance
  • Whole spectrum highly transparent glass, produced by specialized company
  • High quality cells with narrow electrical sorting, minimal interconnection losses and uniform colour appearance
  • Low reflection, high transparency, ornamented and tempered solar glass certified to be used even near airfields
  • Module sorting on average nominal power

Solvis ECO Solar products: 

solar tree, solar palm, solar umbrella, solar bench, solar deck chairs, solar car, yacht modules, solar slate, solar tiles - Solartag


project MOL; project Bronholm; project CIS;