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Naste Bau Kft.
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Gazdaság u. 70.
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Naste Bau Kft. (Naste Bau Ltd.) was established in 2003 after undergoing a change. We were among the first companies which started to popularize, sell and construct natural stone coverings. We claim with good reason that thanks to our references built up since 2003, Naste Bau Ltd. has taken a significant role in the market in the field of environment arrangement (including natural stone and pavement coverings and park construction.)

In the last years we have gained plenty of experience. We have created a base of distributors and subcontractors and besides implementation we have put emphasis on satisfying our customers’ demands and completing extra challenges.

For the sake of quality we use the most advanced technique and technology. We continuously support the customer from the first idea through the precise planning to the reconciliation with co-trades and finally to the realization of the conception. For the past few years we have completed several tasks of environment arrangement during local governmental, private and industrial projects. Our customers’ long-term satisfaction is achieved with the precise work of our well-prepared expert team. We always try to choose our products and suppliers carefully. During its operation our company pays attention to quality, efficiency and the application of advanced technologies.

To ensure quality we have created now use the quality assurance ISO 9001:2000.

Naste Bau Ltd., as an enterprise committed to quality and excellence, won the Award for Quality of the Zala County Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2007.

We feel that the professional and economic background of the company is the best guarantee for us to keep our stability and ability to develop in the quickly changing market environment and also to meet the most demanding requirements of customers.

Our main strategic objective is to establish durable values keeping our rate of progress and thus take a significant role in the market of economic arrangement.

You can make contact with us in English, German or Croatian language too.

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