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Terrapromo d.o.o.
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+385 (0)91 335 5063
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J.J. Strossmayera 168
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The company Terrapromo Ltd. from eastern Croatia has experience in creating various types of the medical therapeutic program on a natural basis. Terrapromo Ltd. developed a program using a Celliant yarn. Celliant products are made of special technological treated yarn which helps to convert the body temperature into an infrared light and thereby converts the energy that is otherwise lost, to the re-usable source of energy which releases the oxygen in the body, increases circulation and improves the general state of the organism. Celliant yarn is made with microscopic particles of photosensitive minerals that are woven or inserted into the fibre and fibre products by nanotechnology. With the primary therapeutic effect of Celliant (stimulating circulation in the body, regulating the temperature, raising the volume of oxygen in the blood and tissues), gloves raise the volume of oxygen in the subcutaneous tissue and can reduce pain in the hands and wrists affected with arthritis, and may help with healing wounds, including some forms of dermatitis.