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PannonInsel 2000 Kft
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József Attila út 11.
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Pannon Insel 2000 Kft was established in 2000 with specialization qualification and registered members. Since then, we are constantly training and improving ourselves with the necessary expertise and openness at the disposal of our clients.

  • Founding members:
    • László Varga.- architect
    • Zsirai Robert.- architect, economist
    • Zsiraine Moldován Cecilia.- real estate expert, quality engineer
    • Ágnes Moldován.- township engineer, real estate expert.
  • Our enterprise can actually comprehend the whole process of creating an investment, ranging from the valuation of the property to the valuation of the complex feasibility study (cost, acquisition costs, estimates of value added), study plans, drafts, investment programs, building permit and technical export plans, material declarations and investment planning schedules. Our clients were from individuals, domestic, foreign companies and local governments. Our work covers almost all of Hungary. Our headquarters in Nagykanizsa are located in József Attila street 11, and we have an office in Nagykanizsa, Hévíz and Kaposvár. We have built professional relationships and well-established over the past two decades, so we can count on external staff, subcontractors to help when needed.
  • Our activity includes:
    • Purchase of own-property real estate,
    • Implementation,
    • Property valuation,
    • Technical management,
    • Technical inspection,
    • Engineering consultancy,
    • Studies and expert advice,
    • Making budgets and cost estimates,
    • Design (generic architecture, city planning),
    • Computer visual design, architectural and other applied graphics, photos, graphics.