Poliklinika Tonković

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Poliklinika Tonković
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Valenčak - Tonković
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Trg kralja Tomislava 8
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The Polyclinic Tonković was founded on 10.04.2017 and registered in the Commercial Register under the name Polyclinic for Internal Medicine, Neurology, Radiology, Mammography, Gynecology and Obstetrics. Headquarters of the Polyclinic Tonković is in Virovitica, Trg Kralja Tomislava 8.

In full capacity and continuously operates since 27.08.2008. Represented by Director, mr. Sc. Dr. Ljiljana Valenčak -Tonković, alone and without limitation.

The Polyclinic has been employed permanently by three specialist doctors, a medical radiology engineer - a medical technician and five doctors specializing in various specialties under the Work Contract.
The institution is a contractual institution with the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance in the field of internal medicine. The Polyclinic has a contractual relationship with insurance companies for services from additional voluntary health insurance, performs systematic reviews and preventive reviews for public institutions and institutions.

The Polyclinic wants to expand the scope of providing healthcare services using new technical achievements from the sphere of laser medicine application, as well as through the use of technically available modern medical equipment to improve the quality of services provided by the existing field of work.

In co-operation with the cross-border partner, the polyclinic wants to expand the scope of providing existing services as well as introducing new methods of modern treatment based on the latest technological possibilities.