Palković d.o.o.

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Palković d.o.o.
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Velika Črešnjevica 165
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Palković Ltd. For construction, trade and services established on 02.03.1992, with headquarters at: Velika Črešnjevica 165, 33405 Pitomača.

All production takes place in a production area of 1200 m2 located in Virovitica.

At the beginning of 2007, Palković d.o.o. Opens another new branch of activity - manufacture of furniture.
The current number of employees in Palković is 25.

Field of interest:

The company is looking for a partner for the introduction of a new production program (making a new model of the kitchen, regalia, bedrooms), making MDF foils, lacquered MDFs, in order to achieve the cooperation with the production of MDF foil or lacquered,

The company Palkovic is looking for a partner for the production of fittings for this kind of furniture mentioned above (various legs, handles, brackets, pant, guides etc.) and a partner dealing with the manufacture of aluminum joints and glass processing.

The company Palković also seeks a partner for the production of massive furniture (tables, beds, bedrooms, wardrobes, cupboards, club tables etc.) and manufacturers of fittings for this type of furniture.