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INNOTEQ LTD was founded in the year 2007 and primarily develops software for special areas. The company is not only well known in the Hungarian market, - where multinational corporations such as T-Systems, British American Tobacco, Elcoteq are numbered in its portfolio, -  but it has also gained a positive reputation on an international scale and has recently been acknowledged by IBM and become a dedicated partner of the American company.

Among its prestigious clients are SMEs, local governments and INNOTEQ also maintains a very good relationship with the academic world.

The company constantly takes part in innovative R&D (Research and Development), and has had several positive results in EU projects (GOP 1.1.1., GOP 1.3.1c, Baross), moreover it has received numerous regional special awards for innovation.

Due to these experiences and last years’ technical advancement, the focus of INNOTEQ has gradually become IT development and the implementation of augmented and virtual realities. The development of the ViTOM -Virtual Space and Object Manifestation system played a vital role in creating the technological background of this software, furthermore it helped to gain the necessary experience in this special field. The process of developing ViTOM involved researchers from the Faculty of Engineering and IT Technology of the University of Pécs within the framework of an R&D project. The augmented reality applications running on smartphones and tablets can manifest objects and other interactive content which are non-existent in real space. These system-based applications were successfully sold and implemented in several museum projects.

The other premium product of our company is DiVit (Digital Vitrine), a multimedia excitement terminal, which displays extraordinary interactive multimedia presentations in a specific framework, it also depicts specified extra information (narration/ text, picture, map, video, audio), 3D objects on several monitors/screens in parallel. The DiVit Digital Plotting Board also has a unique and spectacular multimedia service by presenting the additional informative, educational and touristic data of a given site. Via 21st century technology, user- friendly interaction has moved to the next level by experiencing and processing information content this way.

In the year 2016 INNOTEQ LTD underwent an IMP3rove European innovation audit and turned out to be way above average in innovation management. The experience of discovery comes first in all our IT solutions.