R.K.V. Pécs Bt. - biomass technology and fast growing poplar cuttings production

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R.K.V. Pécs Bt. - biomass technology and fast growing poplar cuttings production
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Kossuth Lajos utca 71.
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R.K.V. Pécs Bt. - biomass technology with fast growing poplar clones: woodcuttings for energetic scope of a cutting rotation of 1-2-5 years; industrial populus wood production in a fast pace of 12-15 years

R.K.V. Pécs Bt. is a family owned business operating since the mid 90’s. The main objective of the company was to promote environment friendly and economically reasonable high production biomass plantations.

The company has imported a special populus (poplar) tree type which has a growing capacity highly exceeding normal traditional poplars. By now the firm owns cca. 50 ha of „tree school” from where reproductive material of this populus tree is produced and processed by the company each year. Depending on the plantation technology it means a capacity of cca 1.000 acres of new plantation each year.

The company not only sells this special reproductive material but also provides technological assistance and expertise for new producers, helping them make dicision towards this diversification.

Technologically the populus plantations propmoted by the company are suitable for the following purposes:

  1. They can be harvested as wood chops every year or every 2 years, and this material is used mainly for energetic purposes. In Hungary mainly larger biomass power plants (like Pannon Power) buy the end product, but in Western countries like Austria it is popular to use the wood chops for centralized local village heating or heating larger houses / housese with smaller plants or farms.
  2. They can be put into a rotation of 5 yearly cutting, producing trunks and wood chops, for industial use by paper or pressed wood producers. Demand is high for this material.
  3. Normal industrial woods production, with a rotation of 12-max. 15 years instead of the traditional 20+ years, bringing clear economical advantage.

The company owns its own industrial hall to process and store the reproductive material, and also an industial pool to treat them.

Partner/s form Croatia would be welcome who are interested at the technology and the reproductive material, to check local legislative environment, to promote it to local agriculturers and / or village communities.

The company is also looking for automated biomass combustion system producers from Croatia who produce automatized wood-chop fuelled boiler systems for household / smaller industrial scale usage, to promote mutually the technology accross borders.