Zala-Top Kft.

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Zala-Top Kft.
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Kossuth utca 31.
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Zala-Top Kft. specialised in production of mainly durable Robinia and other sawmill products.

The company has more than 20 years of experience in sawn timber production from Hungarian wood species.

The company’s products: mainly Robinia (Acacia) sawmill products like Robinia sawnwood, Robinia furniture stave, Robinia parquetry stave, other Robinia products especially for outdoor wooden decks and pavements.

It is very popular and more frequent to pave the terrace of family houses with massive wood materials that excellent tolerate the extreme weather conditions. These wood materials are often made from expensive tropical tree species. Another solution is the similarly good, but cheaper Robinia from moderate, continental climate. It is recommended for pavement of terraces, garden path, decks, around basins and for ports, piers, small bridges too.

The company is producing also edged sawn timber; cut to size timber; Ash, Oak and Pine timber.

They are undertaking the processing of the wood as sub-contractor according to the purchase order. They can help to the main-contractor in the procurement of the raw material too. They can process logs with large diameter too and the drying is solved at site too. Their saw-capacity is 300-400 m3 per month.