Szige-Mix Kft.

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Szige-Mix Kft.
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7, Fodor József str.
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Szige-Mix Ltd. is a hundred percent Hungarian owned company being on the market for more then five years. Our goal is to provide our clients the highest possible quality services and products fully satisfying customer needs. Our main business activity is manufacturing and we also act as distributors.

Our main activity is locksmith works concluded in our near 1000 square meters, well equipped factory. All stages of work from preparations to finishing are concluded by our employees. Trainings of our specialist workers and the new generation of future specialists are provided in our workshops with involvement of our expert trainers. In 2017, by taking the opportunities of our production capacities and as result of a controlled planning and development phase, we initiate manufacturing and market introduction of our new tillage machine line under the brand name SIGMA.