Sziklai és Társai Bt

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Sziklai és Társai Bt
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Barátság u. 2.
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Sziklai and Partners Trade, Service, Producer and Engineering Consultant is one of the most versatile specialized companies in Southern Somogy. The main activity of the company founded in 1992 is the distribution of basic and auxiliary materials, fittings, machines and tools in the wood industry. Previously, furniture and furniture manufacturing is carried out in the woodworking factory of the company.

We are distributing in our stores in Nagycsád and Nagyvárad:

    Furniture and cabinet assemblies, built-in kitchen appliances
    Woodworking machines and tools
    Surface Treatments and Adhesives, Paint
    Laminates, carpets, laminate flooring
    Sheet and plate products
    Protective clothing and equipment

In our stores there are various home furnishing products, such as curtains and small furniture, as well as 1000 small items that are useful for home-made homeowners. Garden tools, tool handles, watering technology products are also available in our stores. Laminate floors, carpets, floor mats, PVC flooring, curtains, wallpapers and many accessories are available in a wide range.