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Szörcsök Művek Ltd
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Petőfi Sándor
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In 1994 we founded our limited partnership, called, PÁRKÁNY 94, which was not just dealing with the building industry, it was occupied with letting shops and lands for hire.

In 2000, the company decided to spread its interests to domestic retail and wholesale, as well as foreign export and import.

In 2003, we opened our trading company, named, FENYŐFA  FŰRÉSZÁRU in Nagykanizsa, Petőfi u. 95, Hungary.By 2005, we reached a point where this commercial activity became our main objective.

Our trading company became better and better, to the point, where it can be safely said, that we can provide the whole city and its surroundings the supply of timber that they need.

We have machinery such as a splitting-machine, forklift, circular saws, a truck, and three phase industrial electricity.

Our site has an all suit building with a toilet, changing room, diner, and an office.

The outside, is 20% covered for the storage of our cargos and for workmanship.

Meanwhile we sold our old company and founded SzörcsökMűvek Ltd.

After that, the company completely went over to the split, stocked residential firewood and its processing and producing. This is still our main objective.

We would like to expand our field of activity, because we have a bigger industrial property available with very good accessibility, and it is near to important transportation routes. Mainly we are looking for companies who are doing imports, exports, and road transports. For storage, transshipment, and for custody activities we could provide suitable area.

Apart from this, we are looking for partnership with other companies whose field of activity may be different, but the partnership would be beneficial for both parties.

You can find more information on the website.

Your sincerely,

ZsoltSzörcsök, manager