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Tiskara Vidić
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Primoska 12.
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Tiskara Vidic d.o.o. was established in 2010, our family business in print industry is started much early in 1984. It is more than 25 years of print business and tradition.

Right now, we have 1.000 m2 of production plant in Virovitica (Croatia) and retail shop in Pozega, (Croatia). Our company has 14 employees. Croatian Partner has experience and the human capacity for selling and marketing the developed product. The firm has marketing and sales specialists, and they already have export activities as described below.

Today we are receiving a lot of information and inquiries about printing, but some of our clients for stoves which are made in Croatia and countries near us. We have been talking with several producers of stoves; we tried to find the best ratio of quality and price of stoves. Due to that reason, we chose to cooperate with company Max Blank Hungary.

As presented above it is start of cooperation with company Max Blank. Due to reason that we have contact of distributors on European market we will off the stove together with our printing materials. In the following months our company, Tiskara Vidis d.o.o., will focus on development of promotion materials, website and 3D design drawings with purpose to professional present new products to European customers.