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Webstar Csoport Kft.
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Webstar Group Ltd. have been active in the area of web technologies ever since the internet and the web became available in Hungary. We provide individual web based software solutions to clients with unique requirements. The majority of our work is custom web-, and mobile applications, and we receive commissions mainly from large companies, and different offices of state and public administration.


Our company received ISO 27001 Information Security Management, and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management certificates.


In today’s accelerated and innovative market environment our aim is to create user-friendly applications that help our clients save time and money  through day-to-day usage. Both the operation of our company and our services are built to serve this practical and service-oriented approach.

We offer the following services:

    • Development of company intranet
    • Development of custom web applications, interfaces
    • Development of CRM systems: workflow, task management, registers
    • Carrying out R&D projects
    • Building portals
    • IT support
    • Developer outsourcing (T&M)

We use SCRUM agile project management since it ensures that the end product meets the clients’ needs as much as possible while the budget stays within the required range. We believe that the basic criterion of successful development is the continuous, open and personal communication with the customer, by establishing good co-operation and quick reaction to change requests.

To ensure our client gets the right solution, we:

    • analyze the customer’s business workflow and exact demands
    • identify the aims of the project, and set the success criteria
    • define the project plan, set the project rules
    • prepare the graphical, and architectural design of the product
    • develop the software
    • run user and automated tests
    • migrate existing data to the system
    • integrate the systems into the corporate IT ecosystem
    • train the client’s users
    • prepare the documentation
    • provide support for operation and maintenance in the long run


Our success is born from the success of our clients. We believe that high quality products can be created only by the teamwork of motivated and skilled employees, as well as cooperative partnerships.

We place basic human values at the core of our organizational culture and provide supportive environment for fulfilling our employees’ ambition to excel and grow. We encourage learning and taking responsibility, and help develop dedicated, self-organizing agile teams.


    • Client side technologies: jQuery, Angular JS, LESS CSS, Prototype, SASS
    • Application servers: TomEE, Jboss, Glassfish, Wildfly
    • Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Neo4, PostgreSQL
    • Mobile applications: iOS, Android
    • User interface components: Primefaces, Vaadin
      • Server side technologies: JEE6 (EJB, JSF, JSP, JPA), PHP (Symfony 2)


    • Oracle AS/ WebLogic, IBM WebSphere
    • MSSQL, LDAP servers
    • Composer and Bower
    • Elastic Search, Mondrian, Talend, LiquiBase, Hudson, Maven, Nexus