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Our company, the World 2000 Kft is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its establishment this year. We founded the company in 1992 and not only the years but beyond our professional and technical knowledge also our rich repertoire and references prove our good reputation in the field of Hungarian playground constructions. Apart from the construction of playgrounds our main profile involves the distribution and installation of street furniture, roller skating rinks, outdoor fitness equipment as well as shade sails. Our main goal is to build safe and aesthetic playgrounds and parks that provide adventure and excitement in a way that they last for long years and it is guaranteed that they do not need any treatment.


We build complete thematic playgrounds. We undertake the task of creative design and complete construction with a short deadline, with flexible attitude but without any compromise concerning high quality.



Nowadays we can provide a complex and comprehensive service from playground equipment and sports fields through outdoor fitness and sports equipment to moulded rubber covers and artificial grass turfs.  We are flexible as we adapt to the world that is constantly renewing and this way we are able to inform our clients comprehensively about the most modern opportunities.


Environmental protection


The products distributed by us are made by means of the use and certification of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) systems, exclusively from wood the quality of which can be controlled and by protecting nature.




All of our products are made according to the EN 1176-2008 European standard and they have the certificate of the TÜV independent institute providing certification according to the GKM 78/2003 (XI.27) decree.


We are the exclusive distributor of the products of the following companies: HOLZHOF in South-Tyrol, the EUROPLAY in Belgium and the 4SOFT in the Czech Republic.


Our new offer is the distribution of acacia columns with lengths from 1 to 6 metres. The playground elements made from acacia columns are more and more widespread in Europe. The designers are keen to choose them due to the great versatility in their use.


For the sake of expanding the range of our products we have business relationships with several international firms: HOLZHOF Srl, Europlay NV

We are looking for partners to cooperate in manufacturing and producing of accomplished playground equipment or simply wood robinia.