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Sanitacija doo
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11 - 25
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Hrvatskih branitelja 1
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Areas of activity Value chain
Main area of activity: Manufacturing

Other areas of activity: Professional, scientific and technical activities

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cooperation in production of completely environmentaly friendly product
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We are a manufacturer of recycled paper towels in rolls. In addition to the PINK recycled towel, which is identical to Paloma's "crepe towels" (which are known in the region), we also have NATUR (unpainted recycling) towels, and in the near future our plan is to introduce more colors because they want to attract and encourage customers to use of recycled products and raise awareness about the conservation of natural resources. Here are some details about our products
Cooperation request solution or expertise sought:
ABOUT POSSIBLE INNOVATION IDEA 1 They want to fully characterize their products as environmentally friendly and pack them in recycled paper packaging (so far, the vast majority of products in the EU markets are packaged in PVC foil, as Sanitacija also is currently packaging). This is possible - they have already done market research and it is certain that there are packers that can wrap towels in a roll, ie pack them in paper (target is recycled). Company Sanitacija is interested in a partnership with company who would find their contribution here (the possibility of packing of rolls or some option that the partner suggests without fitting into this idea). IDEA 2 It is based on the same principle as above, so the primary goal is to get a fully environmentally friendly product. It is possible to be in partnership with a partner who would produce or may already produce large recycled bales of paper (jumbo tissue recycled paper rolls or parent recycled tissue rolls) from which the CRO partner would produce towels in the production process. In this option, Sanitacija d.o.o. would took over part of the innovative packaging through the procurement of a new packaging itself. IDEA 3 It also includes an innovation in terms of wrapping recycled paper towels in a recycled paper wrapper, with some other option which is not listed.
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We are looking a partner who is willing to cooperate in creating completely environmentally friendly product - recycled paper towels in roll packed into recycled paper packaging.

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producers of paper towels in roll made from recycled materials