Gosztola Gyöngye Spa Hotel/Balogh Csemege Kft

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Gosztola Gyöngye Spa Hotel/Balogh Csemege Kft
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11 - 25
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Fő u 16
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Areas of activity Value chain
Main area of activity: Accommodation and food service activities

Other areas of activity: Arts, entertainment and recreation
Human health and social work activities
Business Development
Sales &
Service / Maintenance / Supply

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Innovation and tourism
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We're looking for partners about every sector, who are interested in tourism, program organisation, health, alternative therapies. For bilateral contact for service of the guests.
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touristic programs, accomodation, alternative health education,
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area tourism, food service, travel agency, human health, education, trainer/coach, medication, healing

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Gosztola, where the love of the forest embraces you and dreams come true ... Our family business has been operating successfully in the field of commerce and tourism since its establishment in 1994. In recent years, we have achieved success in Hungarian domestic tourism and thus made one of the smallest villages in Hungary known. Our professional work has been recognised with several awards. Surrounded by forests, 300 meters high, this quiet town is mainly visited by guests who want to relax and are interested in hiking. Gosztola Gyöngye Spa és Élményhotel has been operating in Gosztola since 1999, initially with 6 rooms. As a result of our persistent work, we have been able to expand the hotel several times and now we currently have 40 rooms and 90 beds, as well as many options for programs and services. Thanks to its excellent geographical location and natural endowments, our settlement has special touristic value. Due to the proximity of Slovenia, Croatia and Austria, we regularly launch group excursions for our guests to foreign attractions, so we maintain a good relationship with the local service providers. Building on our advantageous environment, we want to renew the image of our hotel and implement a completely innovative tourism development: we will establish Hungary's first hotel with a forest bath and a cross-border healing center. For this project, we are looking for a professionally enthusiastic and high-quality Croatian partner!