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Storija j.d.o.o.
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1 - 10
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Ivana Viteza 16
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Areas of activity Value chain
Main area of activity: Information and communication

Other areas of activity: Accommodation and food service activities
Administrative and support service activities
Arts, entertainment and recreation
Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
Human health and social work activities
Professional, scientific and technical activities
Transportation and storage
Water supply
waste management and remediation activities
Wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
Business Development
Design / R&
D / Engineering
Sales &

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Cooperation profile type: Offer
Cooperation offer title: Marko Slavecki
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Tourism App to Plan Saving for Trip & for Catching the Nearby Deals What happens if an app helps you save money for a trip so that just before the intended travel date you have the money needed for the trip? Well, this is something unique and crucial for budget travelers who often need to finish their trip halfway just because they didn’t plan the expenses in detail. You don’t need to offer any travel content or fresh information. You can just work as an aggregator app for a variety of travel deals. The same travel app can help the users to keep a close tap on the deals from nearby restaurants, excursions, or discounts for various tickets for some selected destinations or free offerings from any hotel. Apps' idea is to be simple and eye-catching in look and feel. Users should feel at home when browsing through the latest deals and discounts, especially for travelers. The app can also be availed by the users to keep a close tap on the offers and discounts in special seasons and during public events. How creatively you can share this app idea into an engaging and frequently used app, is what matters most.
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Some of the facts and advantages of this innovation It should be based on a local idea for regions across the border (Croatia & Hungary) improved productivity. reduced costs. increased competitiveness. improved brand recognition and value. new partnerships and relationships. One of the main benefits of this APP is its ability to help even smaller businesses compete on a global stage.
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Local tourism
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We can discuss

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123 Design, is a web & app design agency, fuels the growth of ideas and businesses by fusing practical design, smart technology, and hands-on entrepreneurial experience into a powerful force for progress. Our team is made up of remarkable people from all over the world. We have experts in strategy, design, and development. Our small, talented team of designers and developers are driven to deliver on our mission to ‘design experiences people love’ through expertly crafted websites, apps, and brands. Alongside us are our passionate, entrepreneurial clients. Together, with hard work and an inquisitive spirit, we charge fearlessly ahead—challenging what is and creating what should be.