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PROMIX d.o.o.
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A.G.Matoša 10
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Areas of activity Value chain
Main area of activity: Manufacturing

Other areas of activity: Construction
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The production of SOUND-INSULATION INSERT for concrete walls.
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The SOUND INSULATION INSERT consists of two basic elements: • paper tube - the sheath of the insert made by the technique of spiral winding of paper • insulating filling - a mixture of cement, mortar and water. In construction of concrete walls a very important role play panels' tightening places. For tightening panels there have been used the screwed rods and tensioner nut. In order to be able to pull the screwed roll immediately after pouring a concrete wall, it must be passed through the plastic tube, and which also defines the spacing between formwork panels. These plastic tubes are also called distancers. By pouring concrete, the distancers stay built in the walls. After removing the panel and pulling the screwed rods, in the walls there stay visible cavities of the distancers that need to be shut. In the previous practice, those cavities have mostly been shut by plastic covers, above which there have been applied the mortar. So, without complete filling. The new regulation in some countries requests that these cavities are filled completely because of achievement of maximum sound insulation. This is especially important in the areas for living, elevators and stairways, i.e. there where it is necessary to prevent the transfer of the sound through the wall from one room into another one. The sound-insulating insert has exactly this purpose: to achieve sound insulation of the wall due to the complete closing of the spacer cavities.
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It is a finished project with defined production elements and a known initial market (Switzerland). PROMIX, together with one Hungarian partner, applied for the same project in the 3rd call of the B-light tender. The application passed the first round of qualifications but due to procedural reasons it fell in the second round. Due to the withdrawal of the former Hungarian partner, we are looking for a new partner to apply for the project in the 4th call. Given that the project almost completely corresponds to the maximum propositions of the tender, we think that the project has a great chance.
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The partner can be: • A small construction company that has an interest in expanding its business with this business, and through B-light to procure equipment that can be used for other construction jobs. • Marketing agency engaged in market research, promotional and similar activities, which has the knowledge, ability and interest to design a project to appear on the market of EU countries (research of sales potential and promotion plan). Here we mean the Hungarian market but also the markets of the surrounding countries.

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Twenty-five years of experience in managing a production company in the printing and packaging sector, in 2005 developed into a new business strategy through PROMIX company: connecting our own knowledge, experience and ideas with the latest production technology, professional staff and production capacities of selected reputable local and international subcontractors and providing our business partners with continuous service through the entire range of our products and services. We apply these grounds to build customers’ trust and ensure the highest level of product and service quality, reliability of supply, acceptable deadlines, optimum price and constant care of their needs. From the initial activities related to the field of packaging, over time the company has started to develop new areas, so today our activity takes place in 6 different areas: • PACKAGING AND PACKING SERVICES Packaging made of various materials and packing services • PROMOTION AND ADVERTISING Beach advertising and POS products • MEDIA PROJECTS Environmental protection, safety and beach promotion projects • MOBILE HOMES AND KIOSKS Manufacture of homes and kiosks for various purposes • DEALERSHIPS We are a dealer of the Slovenian company PA-MA Paper Machinery for Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina • ENTREPRENEURIAL CENTER "PROMIX" In our facility of 1,800 m2, we offer entrepreneurs cooperation through various services (rental of office and production space, project development, bookkeeping services, business financing, commercial and other services)