SELECT d.o.o.

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SELECT d.o.o.
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26 - 50
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Vinkovacka cesta 21
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Areas of activity Value chain
Main area of activity: Manufacturing

Other areas of activity: Information and communication
Business Development
Design / R&
D / Engineering
Testing &
Sales &

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Smart table
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Select d.o.o. is in the process of developing a smart table with multiple functions regarding smartphones.
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Looking for IT companies to help wuth software developing and hardware pairing.
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IT companies, experts with both software and hardware.f

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Select d.o.o. is a company situated in Virovitica, Virovitičko-podravska county in eastern, continental part of Croatia. Main area of activity is furniture production. Select d.o.o. is producing furniture for both small customers and big investor (e.g. hotels, ship makers, camps...). In Select assortment there are kitchens, bedroom furniture, living rooms, bathroom furniture and other products made of wood. With a bit under 50 employees Select is offering furniture and interior design, drafting, production and assembly of the produced furniture for the end customer. The end customer can choose from a big selection of materials - from panels to massive and other supporting materials from a great variety of suppliers.