Submit your application.

The Light Project Proposal has to be submitted electronically through this B Light Platform operated by the Lead Beneficiary HAMAG-BICRO.

Submission takes place through uploading of the following documents:

  • Filled-in Light Project Proposal form (Microsoft Excel document);
  • The signed scanned version of the ‘Partnership Statement and Certification’ sheet (pdf document);
  • Declaration on de minimis aid for Light Partners (separate for each partner);
  • Joint Statement B Light (separate for each partner);
  • Curriculum vitae of the Light Project staff (preferably Europass in English) if Light Project budget includes staff costs;
  • Documentation related to works activities (see Chapter 10 of the Guidelines for Light Partner Applicants) if Light Project budget includes works and construction costs.

Above mentioned template documents please find HERE.

Submission deadline of Light Project Proposals:

15/01/2021, 23:59h

Rules of submission:

  • There cannot be a concurrent submission or implementation with another B Light project. There is concurrent submission or implementation when a Light Beneficiary participates at the same time in more than one B Light proposal or project as a Light Partner for either submission of Light Concepts or Light Project Proposals. The same company cannot be involved in more than one B Light proposal and/or project.
  • An applicant cannot submit a second proposal (Light Concepts or Light Project Proposals) until it has been informed that their first proposal will not be funded. Moreover, if the proposal is accepted for funding no other proposals will be eligible.
  • If an applicant submits more than one proposal, only the first proposal will be considered for evaluation.

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